Colosseum Palace

Original Thread of the contest on polycount : Here

A huge palace requested by the most proud Emperor that the Earth has known.

His words where : « My Palace will be so magnificent that the gods will be jealous of me, Huge, Royal, Mercyless and shamefully Wealthy. »

From that point we have imagined a large room where the Emperor will be able to see his fellows consuls and his servants from above.

The throne will be held by a LARGE colossus on his arms (which represents the strengh of the Pleb that support him).

The 2 Centaurs are threatening on the Royal Stairs anyone who comes to see the emperor with bad intentions.

They’re white and black to represent the constant fight between good and evil to keep the balance over the legacy of the Realm.

The Soldier behind the throne symbolises the Emperor as the Protector of the Realm.

Last but not least, The Medusa snakes’ hatch is the point where everyone needs to speak to the king from.

If what he says does not please the emperor, then the gates of the hatch will be opened and the fellow will be tossed away in a well full of snakes. The consuls lying down on the couchs love to see someone tossed away even if their first role is to help the emperor in his fair decisions.

My tasks :

– All aspects of the assets shown here + several additionnal wall basic mesh and textures

– Lighting of the scene in Unreal

– Fx building with Fire/Smoke/Distorsion heat

– Lightfunction for the unsteady torch lights

– Rig and physics for the flag

– Editing and final touches (Chromatics adjustments/Aberration/Lens Dirt/Timing etc…)

Modeling : Maya / Zbrush
PBR texturing : Quixel Suite
Normal Map Baking : Xnormal
Rendering : Marmoset Toolbag 2 & Unreal Engine 4